Domain names are nowadays sought after objects for sale and can have a considerable value that can usually only increase as time goes by.

Savings at the bank are not profitable as the interest rate of the bank is close to 0% and is still declining. There is even a chance that a negative interest rate is used, which means that you have to pay the bank instead of the other way around.

To invest

Fortunately, domains have been stable investment objects for some time and are not called the real estate of the 21st century for nothing.

The purchase of a domain name can give you a high return. If you own a unique and sought-after domain name, you can sell it at a high price via auction sites such as or


Haven't I been able to convince you yet? For the domain, approximately € 120K is paid, for more than € 1M.

These amounts are a multiple of what they were purchased for, so we can speak of a nice return.


Note! The value of a domain name is reasonably stable, but every form of investment has risks.

However, given the increase in value of domains in general, the risk will be limited.

How does it work?

It's simple. Depending on your budget, you select one or more domain(s) from our extensive domain portfolio and receive an interesting price for the selection from us.

After payment of the amount due, you will receive a transfer code per domain with which the domain can be transferred to your name. You then own the domain.


It is also possible to have the domain managed by us. The domain will then have its own sales page so that candidates can make an offer. You determine at all times whether you accept the offer. We charge a fee for managing the sales page and brokerage sales.


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